Huntsman Cocktail

Have you ever had a cocktail so memorable you dream about it? A few years back the Hubs and I walked into The Tasting Room in Downtown Frederick late night for a drink after hitting up a few other bars. It was freezing outside and we saw the bartender pouring something dark and steamy for another patron. When the bartender described the ingredients both of our mouths hit the floor and we HAD to have it. The cocktail was called The Huntsman and it had all of our favorite liquid ingredients in one drink: whiskey, stout, espresso and sherry. The Huntsman is the perfect cocktail full of flavor and a jolt.

A few weeks ago, we headed to The Tasting Room for lunch to celebrate an early Valentine’s Day (recap here) and ordered The Huntsman as a dessert drink. I was able to get the recipe from the bartender and was so excited to make it at home!