Monthly Archives: July 2017

Huntsman Cocktail

Have you ever had a cocktail so memorable you dream about it? A few years back the Hubs and I walked into The Tasting Room in Downtown Frederick late night for a drink after hitting up a few other bars. It was freezing outside and we saw the bartender pouring something dark and steamy for another patron. When the bartender described the ingredients both of our mouths hit the floor...

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The Tasting Room Review

No matter what time of day you walk by the large inviting windows of The Tasting Room in Downtown Frederick, Maryland you will find the place bustling with patrons chowing down on beautifully displayed dishes.  I have dined at the Tasting Room a few times, always with exceptional service and food but without my camera to document. The Hubs and I headed to The Tasting Room last Saturday for an...

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